Digital Marketing for Business Owners

Digital Marketing is a one stop solution for all the businesses across globe

As per NASDAQ; By 2040, 95% of the sales will be online. With the growing modernization every one is turning towards internet for their day to day activities and the businesses that are not online stating that their customers are not online will suffer. 

Be it an MNC or a startup or a local shop… in order to grow, they all need new customers as local areas has got a lot of competition and with digital marketing they can easily go global.

Organic Traffic - Increase
Bounce Rate - Decrease
Average Visit Duration - Increase
Pages Per Session - Increase
Why Digital Marketing?
  • 61% of the sales of any product is done from branding and Digital Marketing helps you in creating the brand awareness at a cost effective price.
  • 86% of the world population is available on internet which includes your target audience too... Missing out on digital marketing clearly means ignoring that 86%.

What Does Digital Marketing Includes?

Search Engine Marketing
Search engines like google are the primary source of information for common public now a days. With Marketing on search engines you can reach out to your right target audience very easily.
Social Media Marketing
Social Media sites are one of the top most visited sites across globe. These websites can help you in creating brand awareness and reach your audience in a lesser time very easily.
Mobile Marketing
Look around you!!! Every person carries a smartphone... For everything.. for every day to day task a person relies on their smartphone and in order to reach your target audience you need to create a presence on their smartphones.

Why Digital Marketing is considered as the future of Marketing

53 cr internet users in India at present and they are expected to rise up to 85 cr by 2021 whereas the number of televisions in india household is 17.3 cr only. And you are still looking out for reasons to go digital?
Chauhan Puneet
Thank you for the great support. I feel I am truly grateful and have discovered a great source of encouragement and inspiration. I have learned to completely upgrade my career from zero knowledge in marketing to digital marketing professional. I recommend Mr. Ankit and his institution truly brings anyone the next success of their growth. Join With him to learn, ideas, supports, and latest trends for your great career strengthened.
Chauhan Puneet
Owner CADD Centre, Moradabad

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